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Explore the diverse landscapes of San Diego with Sidecar Tours. From the enchanting coastlines to the picturesque rural areas, this vibrant city offers an array of breathtaking sights. Within a short drive, you can transition from the laid-back ambiance of the beach to the lively energy of downtown.

Join Sidecar Tours San Diego and embark on an extraordinary journey that combines the charm of coastal beauty with the excitement of downtown exploration. Discover the hidden gems and indulge in the vibrant culture that defines this remarkable city. Book your tour today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We'll also introduce you to the city's thriving beer scene. Hop on our cozy sidecars and journey into the heart of San Diego's brewing culture. Visit renowned breweries and taste award-winning creations on a Sandiego brewery tour.

Where You'll Tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey as Sidecar Tours San Diego takes you on captivating excursions. Our base is conveniently situated at 875 Hotel Circle S, San Diego, CA 92108. This serves as the starting point and return destination for your remarkable tour.

Types of Tours Offered

  • Wine Tour: Indulge in the rich flavors of San Diego at local wine rooms, restaurants and tap rooms while relishing scenic downtown and coastal views along the way.
  • Scenic Tour: Immerse yourself in the city's richness and attractions, and experience a dynamic blend of cultural diversity, lively neighborhoods, and a thriving urban environment that captivates visitors.
  • Brewery Tour: Discover the vibrant craft beer scene in San Diego, visiting acclaimed breweries and historic communities all while savoring exceptional brews.
  • Date Night Tour (Coming Soon!): Elevate your romantic outings with an enchanting tour designed for couples seeking a memorable experience.
  • Specialty Cocktail Tour (Coming Soon!):  Imbibe in the city's cocktail culture, exploring unique and inventive libations at notable establishments.
  • San Diego Food Tour (Coming Soon!): Delight in a culinary adventure, savoring the diverse and delectable flavors that San Diego has to offer.
  • Custom Tours & Special Events:  Tailor your own tour or plan a special event, ensuring a personalized and extraordinary experience.

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Make your most memorable moments with Sidecar Tours. We love seeing your smiling faces having an experience of a lifetime!

Based on 181 reviews
Timothy Duong
Timothy Duong
June 20, 2022.
For someone who doesn't drink much I had an amazing experience. I had a group of 9. The owner AJ was very accommodating and made the whole process smooth and easy. The drivers were awesome and the wineries were great. I gave the drink tickets I couldn't finish so my friends could drink more. The sidecar experience made it a perfect day. Highly recommend and would totally do it again.
June 18, 2022.
This is a must if your are visiting the wineries of Temecula! Jose was our driver and he was awesome. I highly recommend this!
Katie Lerch
Katie Lerch
June 12, 2022.
1000/10! Loved Jose “Goose” and will be booking again in the future - and bringing friends! Well planned wine tour visiting some great locations, super fun wheels, and just an overall great experience. Much preferred over a stuffy bus or limousine. They took care of us at each location whether it was a full tasting, a behind the scenes tour, or a full complimentary bottle of wine.
Michael T
Michael T
June 9, 2022.
Amazing experience. Our driver John went above and beyond to give us a perfect tour. Would highly recommend a sidecar tour to anyone looking for a damn cool way to do a wine tasting!
Kaycee Clubb
Kaycee Clubb
June 8, 2022.
Took my wife for her birthday and we had a blast! Hunter and John were amazing. We can’t wait to go again. Thank you so much for making her birthday so special.
Lisa Gastaldo
Lisa Gastaldo
June 6, 2022.
This is very close to a five-star rating. Our driver, David, was wonderful! A Santa Barbara native, he was a great guide! The sidecar is a hoot and a really fun way to tour the city. My boyfriend and I had a blast. Minor cons - Website is full of broken links. Had to call the make sure the tour existed and to make the reservation. Our city tour description included a wine tasting at the end, according the description on the site. However, our driver didn't know anything about that and neither did his contact at the "home office." To his credit, David made sure we got the flight that was promised. Overall, it's a great concept and I would highly recommend. Glitches seem to be part of growing pains of a new company. Hopefully, they will resolve themselves quickly.
Teri Harmon
Teri Harmon
June 4, 2022.
Very fun ride and experience, Totally recommend it for both locals and tourists!
Jenny Fralin
Jenny Fralin
June 2, 2022.
This was a surprise anniversary present for my husband who loves motorcycles and we both love wine! What a crazy and fantastic way to visit wineries! John was a great host/driver and made our experience informative, fun and safe. The wineries were beautiful, tastings were great and we had plenty of time to enjoy each stop. I highly recommend this tour for a special and memorable occasion. “Sidecar”note: don’t wear a skirt. I flashed half of Temecula! 😂